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When dealing with legal matters it is always important to be informed of your options as well as the steps you need to take in order to receive the best possible outcome in your case. At Sauer & Sauer, our construction law attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable regarding all aspects of construction law. We can help answer any questions you may have and guide you throughout your legal process.

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  1. Specific Strategies to Assist Massachusetts Homeowners in Getting what they are Entitled to From and Under Their Home improvement Contracts and Projects
  2. Understanding the General Indemnity Agreement and Other Surety Issues in 2013
  3. Issues Relating to Contract Termination in 2012
  4. Bidding, Payment, and Survival Tips for Out-of-State Material Suppliers, Subcontractors and General Contractors Working in Massachusetts in 2012
  5. Claims Against Your Bid, Payment and Performance Bonds: Strategies to Help You Protect Yourself When Times Get Tough
  6. Massachusetts Home Improvement Sample Contract with Comments
  7. Twenty-Four Common Subcontract Questions and Issues
  8. Claims Against Payment Bonds: The Advanced Course
  9. Delay Damages – Selected issues
  10. Demand for Direct Payment
  11. Joint Check Agreements
  12. Termination for Convenience
  13. The Disappointed Bidder on Public Work
  14. The New Mechanics Lien Law
  15. The Why's and Wherefore's of Massachusetts Public Contract Bid Protests in 2013
  16. The Litigation Process 2012
  17. Changed Conditions and the Problem of Notice
  18. Architectural Liability to Contractors
  19. Mechanic’s Lien Forms – Notice of Contract
  20. Mechanic’s Lien Forms – Statement of Account
  21. Mechanic’s Lien Forms – Dissolution of Lien
  22. Mechanic’s Lien Forms – Notice of Identification
  23. Mechanic’s Lien Forms – Sample Complaint
  24. The Recoverability of Interest and Attorneys' Fees in Massachusetts'
  25. Massachusetts’ Mechanics’ Lien Law as of 2012

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