Attorney Profiles

Jonathan Sauer - Attorney Jonathan Sauer is an honors graduate of Northeastern University and Suffolk University Law School. In 28 years of practice, he has represented two dozen insurance companies in the areas of surety and property and casualty and has represented (and does represent) various material suppliers, subcontractors, general contractors and owners in all forums, including before various federal boards of contract appeals and the MCAD (discrimination claims) and before the Attorney General’s office on bid protests. He concentrates his practice on issues involving contractors dealing frequently with issues involving the competitive bid statutes, payment bonds, the indemnity relationship between corporate principals and individual indemnitors and their sureties, bid protests, mechanics’ liens and matters involving contract interpretation and litigation.

He is the author of Scribbles, a complimentary thrice-yearly newsletter, concerning current issues in Massachusetts construction law written specifically for contractors (with lightness and humor liberally sprinkled throughout including several lawyers’ jokes in every issue, guaranteed!) He frequently speaks to various contractor and surety groups and trade associations and is the Massachusetts contributor on payment bond and mechanics’ lien law for the recently-published “Manual of Commercial Credit,” 95 th Edition. He enjoys motorcycling, reading and writing. As a frustrated novelist, he finds it necessary to have four motorcycles to handle the three mile commute to work. These vehicles are generally equally rotated (depending on how the Harley is running).

Sally Sauer - Attorney Sally Sauer is an honors graduate of both DePaul University, Illinois (undergraduate) and Massachusetts School of Law. Before going to law school, she worked for more than ten years handling complex construction payment and performance bond claims for four sureties, most recently with CNA at its home office in Chicago. She has an Associate in Fidelity and Surety Bonding from the Insurance Institute of America. Having come to the law as a second career, she has the perspective of years of being on the “other side” in the construction community, dealing with lawyers as a client herself - as well as dealing with her husband, the construction lawyer! Moreover, she understands the surety bond business as an insider, having that unique perspective on how to motivate surety bond claims personnel to do the “right thing.” Together with Jonathan, she works to resolve disputes quickly and peaceably, while not hesitating to use the “hammer” of the court system when called for. Her true passion in life, however, is the New England Patriots and she vets all she confronts in life against that standard of excellence.

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