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Upcoming seminar on January 12, 13 and 19, 2019 for homeowners: “Specific Strategies To Assist Massachusetts Homeowners In Getting What They Are Entitled To From And Under Their Home Improvement Contracts And Projects”.

We are Jonathan and Sally Sauer, Sauer & Sauer, Massachusetts construction lawyers with offices in East Walpole and North Walpole, MA.

Jonathan Sauer has forty-two years of experience working as an attorney with construction law and surety issues and Sally has thirteen years’ experience working as an attorney with construction law and surety issues, along with ten years working in-house in bond claim departments for five sureties.

Our primary focus is in representing material suppliers, subcontractors, general contractors and owners on a variety of matters having to do with commercial and public construction. We also represent contractors and homeowners as to issues involved with Massachusetts home improvement contracts.

Our firm concentrates its practice on construction law and contract law. This includes a variety of issues associated with the public bid laws, including Massachusetts bid protests. We also file payment bond claims/suits and deal also with other principal/surety issues. (Jon has represented about two dozen sureties.) We both file and defend against mechanics’ liens. (The state courts list us as a web resource on a variety of mechanics lien subjects and forms.) We do a great deal of work associated with preparing, reviewing and revising a variety of construction contract documents, including the preparation of custom contracts and various issues dealing with lien waivers/releases. We form corporations and limited liability companies for those in the construction industry. We litigate a variety of construction disputes. We especially enjoy advising contractors as to construction and business issues before they become significant problems. Whenever possible, we minimize our clients’ need to get legal and ‘go to court’.

We have a number of articles on a variety of construction subjects, which can be found under the ‘CONSTRUCTION LAW ARTICLES’ button just below this. And, we have a wide variety of construction law subjects discussed in our monthly newsletter, ‘Squibs’, which can be found under the ‘SQUIBS’ button just below this. We give a series of free construction law seminars in the fall and in the spring. (If you would like to be on our list, send an email or call 508-668-6020)

Our clients’ work is very important to us. It’s not shifted off to some associate with a lot less experience. (We don’t have associates.) Our pleadings are not signed by three lawyers. (Only by one). Our billing rate is realistic and significantly lower than that of Boston lawyers with comparable experience. We will provide a one-time free telephone conference to individuals and companies requesting information on a construction law issue.


Attorney Jonathan Sauer will conduct a Homeowners' Boot Camp, providing a road map for success for Massachusetts homeowners with their next home improvement project. While these strategies will assist homeowners with regard to any size project, they become even more important when significant construction is anticipated, such as the construction of an addition or the adding of a second floor. This seminar will be offered three times: Saturday, January 12, 2019, Sunday, January 13, 2019 and on Saturday, January 19, 2019 from 10AM to1PM at Sauer & Sauer, 284 Main Street (Route 1A), Walpole, MA.

Subjects to be discussed include: who prepares the contract; the necessity for at least some architect-prepared plans, specifications and scope; having a schedule of values; material submittals; the review and processing of payment requisitions; liquidated damages; retention; and, punch lists. We especially discuss the hardest part of any construction project, the last 10%. This includes discussing various contract close-out procedures. In addition, we will review the protections provided homeowners under Massachusetts home improvement contract statutes and regulations.

Prepare for your Spring, 2019 home improvement project. Let’s discuss these things now, so you will be better prepared later! For further information, please contact Sally Sauer at and 508-668-6020.)

Getting to Know Our Massachusetts Construction Law Attorneys

We try to provide ‘added value’ to our clients and prospective clients. We maintain this site with over forty articles and forms focused on material suppliers, subcontractors, general contractors, owners, and sureties deal with daily, which can be found under the ‘Construction law articles’ button on our homepage. We have sent out a humorous newsletter, Scribbles, for more than twenty years. Several past issues can be found in our Scribbles section.

We send out Scribbles Squibs frequently, being fairly short articles (usually under ten pages in length) dealing with common construction law problems and issues and reviewing court cases relevant to construction. We offer free construction law seminars on a variety of topics. We can provide brief answers without charge to general questions you may have on Massachusetts construction law on the phone or through email. We know some people are intimidated by lawyers. We are down-to-earth and committed to helping our clients.

Why Choose Sauer & Sauer?

  • We guarantee in writing our billing rate for five years.

  • We reach fair, amicable, and mending solutions.

  • We constantly seek minimizing your expenses.

  • Our attention is solely focused on our clients.

  • We review Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly.

  • We wrote a portion of the Manual of Credits and Commercial Law.

  • We come highly recommended by construction professionals.

  • We have over 50 years of combined legal experience.